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“Excellent service any time you need it. Nick and Bree are doing a great job congratulations. I’ve been customer of Rick Hoffman’s Garage for 33 years. Wouldn’t think of going elsewhere.”
Chris S.
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“Excellent service, great work, friendly staff. They will do their best to get your car in and fixed as quickly as they can.”
Joy S.
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“Our entire family would recommend these guys!! Great service, clear explanation of repairs/maintenance with a personal call from the mechanic working on your vehicle! Very knowledgable staff! They also keep detailed vehicle records. Bottom line……they rock!!!”
Tina D.
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“Nick and his staff were great… I have a lowered car and needed an inspection and some parts put on and he was the only shop that would do it for me… so I drove about 45 minutes to this shop to try him out. Excellent service, I highly recommend this shop.”
Vinson L.
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“Great pricing, clean shop, great work buy great guys. Would recommend to anyone and will continue to go back!”
Jeremy D.
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“Great place… Nick definitely knows what he is doing and will always get my family and friends business as well as mine… Best prices in town!”
Dave M.

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